Photo Exhibition

Photo Exibition

Small groups of society. Values, traditions, symbols

Author Gintaras Jaronis

Cultural Research Centre (CRC)  at Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Humanities carried out interdisciplinary studies of small groups, and scientific research which main direction – formation processes of small groups and their impact on the identity of the person and society. Gintaras Jaronis was involved in research and dissemination activities since 2006, presenting a visual identity of groups and their expressions.  A large amount of photo images and video files were collected by the author during this period .

The author’s aim – to perpetuate interesting, unique, significant cultural and social life events and make them attractive, bringing the visual work of art concepts. Careful selection of photos, the search of perfect composition, symbols, language associations – a necessary condition for creation.

The exhibition features ancient Balts religious community Romuva rituals and festive images; Tibetan Buddhist Avalokitesvara mandala creation ceremony significant moments. Several contemporary music styles represents photo shots from festivals “Street Music Day”, “Tundra” and “Devil’s Stone”.

The portraits of musicians whose activities were related to alternative youth culture from Soviet period are exhibited. Among them legendary persons must be noted: Vilijus Važnevičius, Aleksandras Jegorovas -Džyza, Vydmantas Juronis. In exhibition also are several photo shots from the feature film “Emilia from Liberty Avenue” (dir. N. Ulvydas, op. Rytis Kurkutis, 2015). filming site.

Organiser: Vytautas Magnus University. Faculty of Humanities. Culture Research Center.

The location of the exhibition : Vytautas Magnus University, Study and Research Center. V.Putvinskio st. 23, Kaunas.
The exhibition is organized by the VMU, Faculty of Humanities, Cultural Research Center.