The Digital Humanities Laboratory was established

The Digital Humanities Laboratory was established at the Leonidas Donskis Library at the VMU Center for Multidisciplinary Science and Studies. The aim of the laboratory is to encourage students and lecturers of social sciences and humanities to explore phenomena of interest through computerized data mining, analysis and visualization tools. Students and faculty members will be able to test tools in specially designed computers, the content of which is maintained and updated by members of the Digital Humanitarian Community and, above all, will be able to learn to collaborate across disciplines.

Research on Culture

Cultural Studies Program 07 – 2018
Lithuanian Culture Council (S / TYR-12 (6.51) -2017)

The aim of the project is to study the cultural needs of three Lithuanian small towns (Vilkija, Seredžius and Smalininkai) and, based on the research data, to develop models for encouraging young people’s creative activity in small towns.
Project activities:
(1) Youth Cultural Needs Study (Summer / Autumn of 2017).
(2) Cultural forums in the cities, during which it is planned to present the results of the research and to conduct discussions about what should be done in order to make the youth’s leisure time more meaningful and interesting.
Participants in campus communities, cultural and educational workers, representatives of municipalities, organizations, businessmen, and most importantly, participants in the study are invited to participate (Spring / Autumn of 2018).


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