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„Subcultural Diversity in Lithuania“ – Exhibition at Vilkija Gymnasium.

Exhibition (info stands and artistic / documentary photos) works at the premises of Vilkija Gymnasium, 23/28/188 – 2018-12-13.


Digital Humanity– Academic Discussion

VMU Multifunctional Study and Science Center, V. Putvinskio str. 23. 2018-05-08.


3-rd International Scientific Conference

Interdisciplinary group research. Youth subculture, worldview and lifestyle.
Vytautas Magnus University, Kaunas. 29/09/2017


Scientists excursion to Smalininkai

Meeting of the members of Lithuanian Researchers’ Union with Smalininkai (Jurbarkas district) community. Discussion about the future of Lithuanian science and education. Scientists, entrepreneurs, educators and culture workers participated. 27/05/2017


Workshop – discussion: Interdisciplinary Research and the digital humanities

The seminar was organized by VMU Center for Cultural Studies. The seminar was held at VMU multifunctional study and research center. V. Putvinskio st. 23; 15.03.2017.



International Scientific Conference: Humanise IT. Cultural researchers and business. Is it real?

Tartu, Estonia,  05/04/2016



International Scientific Conference

International Scientific Conference on Cultural Group Behaviour. Historical Re-Enactment, Contemporary Paganism, Fantasy-Based Movements. VMU Small Hall. Kaunas, Lithuania. 20-21/05/2016.

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Practical seminar and lecture

1. “Lithuanian Traditional Multipart Songs Sutartinės in Contemporary Society”. Lecturer Laura Lukenskienė. 2. “Lithuanian Tolkienist Society”. Lecturer Kastytis Zubovas. Kaunas City Museum, Museum of Lithuanian traditional music history (L. Zamenhofo St. 4, Kaunas). 20/05/2016.

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Practical workshop

“Medieval Food and Everyday Life Activities”. Lecturers Deividas Kasperas, Rasa Kasperienė. (“Hanseatic Days 2016” Near Kaunas Castle) Kaunas, 21/05/2016.

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Scientific Conference „Interdiscipinary Social Group Research“

Moments of the Conferencepresentations and discussions. VMU Small Hall. Kaunas, 06/11/2014.

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Scientific Conference „Interdiscipinary Social Group Research“

Presentations; photo exhibition; art installation. Lobby of the VMU Big Hall. Kaunas, 06/11/2014.

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Research on Migration Processes / Lithuanian Groups in Chicago

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Exhibition in Marijampolė

Exhibition of archive photographs and information stands of VMU HMF Culture Research Center in Marijampolė Culture Center. 26/11/2012
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Gymnasium students visited VMU

The students of Kaunas Vaižgantas gymnasium visited VMU distance learning classroom. Lecture-practical work on „Youth subculture“. The seminar was conducted by the staff of the HMF Cultural Research Center. 22/05/2012

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Heavy Music Festival „Devil’s Stone 2011“

Heavy Music Festival „Devil’s Stone“, Anyksciai. Trash metal/death metal group “Benediction” (Great Britain) concert. 22/07/2011.

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Yaga Gathering Festival, 2011

Festival “Yaga Gathering 2011”. Varėna District, J25/06/2011
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Mandala Festival

The Mandala Festival is a synthesis of psychological and spiritual practices, non-traditional medicine and creative work. Rural tourism homestead “Aukštupys” (Šalčininkai district). 07/08/2011.

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Festival „Mėnuo Juodaragis“ (“Black horned moon”)

„Mėnuo Juodaragis“ („Black horned moon“) – festival of contemporary Baltic culture, post-folk, alternative music. 28/08/2011

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Tundra Festival

Tundra – Electronic Music Festival. 7/7/2011
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Blues Nights Festival

„Blues Nights“ – Blues Music Festival in Varniai, a resort near Lake Lukstas. 1/07/2011
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„Kilkim žaibu“ („Rise with thunder“) Festival

“Kilkim Žaibu 2011“, Festival of Old Baltic Traditions and Heavy Metal Music. Varniai, resort near Lake Lūkstas, 23-25-2011.
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Visit to the Vaishnava Temple

Students and lecturers of Master’s studies in Small Society Groups visited Kaunas Nita Gaura Candra Hare Kšnanaa Temple, got acquainted with the activities of the Vaishnava community, their ideas and values. June, 2011.

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Visit the home of the Jehovah’s Witnesses community

Graduates of the Master’s Degree Studies in Small Society Groups visited the home of the Jehovah’s Witness community, became familiar with the community’s activities, their ideas and values. June, 2011.

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Science Promotion Festival “See differently 09”

The Center for Cultural Research participated in the festival „See differently 2009“, which took place during the events of „Kaunas Day 2009“. Kaunas, Laisvės Alley, 22/05/2009.

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Final events of the project SAL

Demonstration of video films, discussion with group members. Diamond Road Buddhism, Bangladesh: Religion in Politics / Politics in Religion. Argentine tango in France. Vaišava. 17/02/2009

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Opening of the exhibition

Project SAL (Society and Life Styles: Towards Social Harmony). Exhibition of stands, exhibition of photographs VMU HMF, K.Donelaičio g. 52, 2-a. in the lobby. Moments of opening the exposition. 17/02/2009

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Exposition of popular music history. Salford, UK.

Project SAL (Society and Life Styles: Towards Social Harmony). Visiting a popular music exposition at the Salford Museum and Penny Rimboud (voice, declamation) / Louise Elliot (flute, saxophone) performance at the Salford Museum. 04/12/2008.

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Project SAL (2006-2008) Dissemination materials: posters, flayers, info stands etc.

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Scientific Conference and Cultural forum

Scientific Conference and Intercultural Forum “SUBCULTURE AND LIFESTYLES” 30-31/05/2008 (this section contains 9 photo galleries).

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Exposition of photographs and objects in Kaunas Public Library

2007-10-10-11.19. Kaunas County Public Library hosted a series of Contemporary Kaunas Projects in the Context of the Millennium of Lithuania. This project was attended by employees of VMU Culture Research Center and students. Doc. dr. Egidija Ramanauskaitė – Kiškina read the report “Cultural resistance of youth in Soviet times in Kaunas”, and dr. Laima Anglickiene, Gintaras Jaronis and postgraduate students of subcultures Vida Lisaitė, Vilma Laukaitienė prepared an exposition of photographic texts and objects “Youth subculture in Soviet times: images, ideas, identity”.
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Hippie Culture festival “Hippyland 5”

Participants of the Vaišnoriškės seminar visited Šiauliai, Šiauliai Day 2007 Festival and “Hippyland 5th” Hippie Culture Festival. 08/09/2007.

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Seminar (workshop) for professors/lecturers and students in Vaišnoriškės

A Seminar for lecturers/professors and students was held in Vaišnoriškės to discuss the modules taught by the Master’s program “Subcultural Studies”. 06/09/2007.

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Audiovisual Exposition at “Mėnuo Juodaragis 2007”

The dissemination of the Research Project on the Subcultural Communities (SAL). Audiovisual exposition, public lectures. Postgraduate students in the subcultural study program participated in the project’s audiovisual exposition. Also participants of the project – scientists read a cycle of lectures in the fields of culture, subculture and art studies. The exposition was organized and lectures were read in the environment of the 10th independent post-folklore, alternative music and contemporary Baltic culture festival “Mėnuo Juodaragis” – in Zarasai, on the island of Zarasas lake. 26-30/08/2008.
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Meeting with South Korean Zen Buddhism monks

Academic Cultural Forum “Society and Lifestyles: Towards Social Harmony” from the cycle “Intercultural Dialogues”. Meeting with the monks of the International Chogye Order Seoul Monastery at Vytautas Magnus University. Presentation of Zen Compass by Zen Master Seung Sahn. 31/10/2006.
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Subcultural Forum

The Culture and Science Forum (VMU, 30.09.2006) was organized as an attempt to create an experimental environment with members of subcultural communities in order to facilitate communication between subcultural groups, academia and the general public, who profess different values and religious beliefs.
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