Cultural Research Centre

Cultural Research Centre (CRC)  at Vytautas Magnus University, Faculty of Humanities carried out interdisciplinary studies of small groups, based on the theory of dynamical systems access, which is related to mathematical systematic analysis. This is the regular judgment of the investigator (logical steps) replication during the investigation, based on the assumption for: the system creates its own state, which change, as well as the expression related to environmental attacks (Luenberger 1974). Researcher freely choose the reference system. Eg., Analyzed the group (system) members (subsystems) behavior, monitoring their reactions to the environment (other members of the group and the environment in the outside the group), these reactions when trying to identify members of the group states, which, again, will encourage new individuals’ decisions, actions, communication. System Analysis – Each member of the group is analyzed using the same systematic access. Ethnographic data are collected and analyzed using the basic dynamic systems theory of structural elements: the environment – state – freedom of interaction. This triad of conceptual sought empirical justification in shaping the values ​​of variables and structures in search of their interactions. Data are collected using ethnographic field research methods: observation in the presence of the group activities, in-depth interviews, questionnaires, recording and photographs.


Dr. doc. Egidija Ramanauskaitė Kiškina
Head of CRC. Senior Researcher. Exploration areas: interdisciplinary studies of small groups; Systematic longitudinal studies.
Email: Mob. tel. +370 662 39 947

Ph.D. prof. Rimas Vaišnys
Visiting professor. Yale university USA. Exploration areas: ecological systems, dynamic behavior and developing systems dynamics; Social processes of systematic research, which includes a variety of value orientations research groups.
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Dr. Aušra Kairaitytė-Užupė
CRC Group Research Collections scientific secretary and Videotheque Administrator; the publication of the Group and the environment, “deputy editor; KTC Facebook Administrator, KTC research project manager and research participants. Exploration: religion ethnological research; students migration research.
Email: Tel.: +370 662 32 470

Dokt. Agnė Kalėdienė
Junior researcher. Since 2011, the VMU Department of Ethnology and Folklore PhD student. Research areas: social networks; youth groups research; youth subculture; ethnic culture and history of the local youth subcultures; rebuilder clubs; contemporary of Baltic paganism; pagan metal.

Gintaras Jaronis
Senior. specialist. responsible for CRC field research dissemination / events / exhibitions.  CRC website developer and administrator.

Dokt. Andrius Buivydas
From 2013.04  not participate in CRC activities
International SAL archive creator and administrator; popular science site “Lithuania studied sub-cultural groups in an interactive map, as well as research groups in the database administrator; Publication Group and the environment, “the deputy editor of the publication Admin at the site; KTC research project manager and research participant. Exploration areas: Systematic studies of small groups.